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Solid Deodorant Bar

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Leading the way for a sustainable future - bringing forth a solid deodorant bar in a jar.

  • made from organic cacao butter and a mineral formulation. 
  • suitable for sensitive skin
  • zero nasties 
  • unisex
  • comes in a cute glass jar and aluminium lid which you can refill

Made in Crouch End, London Cacao Pow have sourced a high quality Peruvian cacao butter which has a heavenly chocolate aroma. Many cacao butters on the market are waxy and lacklustre, with very little in the way of aromatic scent, this is not that, this is luxurious. 

Better still the cacao butter is sourced from a Peruvian farming co-operative with high regard for the environment and the farmers. It’s certified organic through The Organic Food Federation.