Chamomile Marigold Face and Body Soap

Chamomile Marigold Face and Body Soap

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Sensitive skin? This soap has no essential oils but only the conditioning power of calendula (marigold flowers) and the soothing properties of German chamomile. The calendula petals in this soap provide a super gentle skin exfoliation. This soap is essential oils free so it's suitable for the most sensitive skins but it has a very subtle chamomile scent.

All the soaps have been handmade in the UK in a small family owned factory that employs ex-addicts and ex-offenders.

The shea butter in the soaps has been harvested in a direct fair trade owned by the factory that supports over 3,000 Ghana women!

All the soaps are completely palm oil free.



• Olive oil: gives the soap conditioning properties and makes the soap harder and long lasting 

• Coconut oil: gives a lovely fluffy lather while gently cleansing the skin
• Sweet almond oil: skin softening, contributes to a low gentle lather
• Unrefined organic shea butter: incredibly good for dry skin, gives some hardness and creamy bubbles to the soap 
• Cocoa butter: skin loving, gives nice bubbles, hardness and conditions the skin
• Castor oil: a natural humectant, there is no oil alike. It gives the most luxurious lather while drawing moisture to the skin 
• Water: yep, just water! but distilled and cosmetic grade. I apply a water discount to use the least required for my recipes and avoid any unnecessary water waste
• Glycerin: this ingredients it's actually created naturally by the cold process saponification reaction and is an incredible skin moisturizer 
• Sodium lactate: a sodium salt of natural lactic acid produced by fermentation from vegetable derived sugar. It makes the soap a bit harder and long lasting as well as a bit more bubbly.
• German chamomile flowers and calendula flowers: they have been both infused with the olive oil to make this soap very gentle and skin soothing

Soaps details:

Weight: around 90 grams

Size: 2.56 x 2.36 x 0.98" / 65 x 60 x 25 mm

Packaging: 100% compostable and recyclable paper digitally printed with eco-friendly toners

Because this product is lovingly handmade size, weight, shape and colours may vary slightly from soap to soap.