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Luxury Ayuvedic Incense Sticks | Kapha Collection

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We have tested a lot of incense and these are where it's at. 


Loving and naturally compassionate. The Kapha selection is the perfect antidote to lethargy and complacency. Enlivening the senses it compliments the Dosha's elegant, serene calmness.


  • Agarwood
  • Gaula Leela
  • Sayali Jasmine

    Handcrafted luxury incense from Sacred Elephant traditionally prepared using only the purest ingredients provided by nature. Made according to timeless recipes handed down through the generations. Prema, a Monk himself for 18 years has poured his heart into crafting this incense  A clean, smooth burning incense that transports you to a sacred world of luxurious fragrances to suit your every mood or meditation.

    • Pure Essential Oils
    • No Chemicals
    • No Synthetic Ingredients
    • Ethically produced in India
    • Vegan
    • Packaging 100% sustainable